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Bluetek was born from the knowledge and expertise of SIH, Sodilight and Hexadome, leaders of natural smoke extraction and natural lighting solutions and is the Natural Lighting & Smoke Extraction Business Unit of Adexsi group, one of the worldwide leaders for roof waterproofing solutions.

Today, Bluetek offer a unique vision for security and comfort in any type of buildings. With 4 plants at the edge of the innovation in France, Bluetek develops global solutions to answer the most challenging certifications and regulations: RT 2012, HQE, BC, BEPOS, Passivhaus.


Bluetek, it’s:

+ de 100 000 units manufactured per year.
+ de 100 employees.
A 12 person R&D department.
300 000m2 of natural light created per year.
24 sales representatives regrouped per network: specifiers, installers and distributors.
6 branch experts to guide you.
1 export department.
A customer service at your service.


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