About us

Our history

Since it was founded back in 2000, Adexsi has become one of the world’s leaders in fire safety, smoke ventilation and energy management. With a foothold in more than 40 countries, including factories in China, the UK and Morocco, Adexsi manufactures more than 95,000 units every year.

Our background

In 1993, Hexadome, a leading manufacturer of rooflights and smoke vents, was acquired by Soprema, an independent family group and world leader in waterproofing solutions. 

In 2000, the multiple synergies of this acquisition led Soprema to found Adexsi, which represents the fire safety and smoke ventilation department of Soprema.

In 2001, Adexsi broadened its business by acquiring SIA, an installation and maintenance company and, in 2003, Adexsi added an architectural string to its bow by acquiring Souchier, manufacturer of natural and smoke ventilation for modern and architectural buildings.

Since 2008, Adexsi has diversified its activities with the creation of local subsidiaries in Germany Romania, the UK, China and Morocco.

In 2014, Boullet, the historical leader of fire resistant doors and smoke curtains, joined Adexsi, thus completing the vast portfolio of fire safety solutions on roofs, façades and, from now on, also within buildings.

In 2015 Adexsi is changing its corporate identity and adopting a new slogan – “opening new perspectives” – to reflect its ambition to act as an energy saver and manager for sustainable buildings, now more than ever. On April 1st, Essertec, German leader for comfort skylights, joins Adexsi.

Last July, the acknowledged specialist for natural light, aeration and smoke evacuation,  HISL Group with its Societies : SIH, Sodilight, Innovation Partners, SIH Services, SIH Maroc et SIH Lumina, also joined Adexsi.