Case studies

Energy Management

Adexsi - Offices and tertiary buildings : smoke ventilators solutions, either for roof or façade

Headquarters of the Crédit Agricole regional branch

- Poitiers
The bioclimatic design of the façades affords a sweeping view over the green spaces....
Manutan Headquarters : intelligent natural ventilation - Souchier - Adexsi

Manutan European Headquarters

- Gonesse (near Paris)
143 Exubaie façade casements were installed for the purposes of air intake, daily and smoke ventilation. These profiles are fitted with decorative panels to ensure seamless integration into the...

Did you know ?

Do you really know how efficient your building is in terms of daylight, indoor air quality, level of humidity and thermic comfort ? To help you evaluate your situation, Adexsi has developed a unique natural and environnemental energy managament offer. Together with our integrated R&D teams, we help you detect possible pathologies in your buildings and reduce your energy costs by optimizing natural energies. Whether natural ventilation, zenithal lighting or automated intelligent shading : Adexsi will study your issue, run light or thermic simulations and advise you with the best possible solutions.

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