Leroy Merlin DIY superstore

Leroy Merlin DIY superstore, Waziers (in North France)

The new Leroy Merlin DIY superstore in Waziers (in North France) has been open since the New Year. 

After an RT 2012 study with the firm Atrium Architectes (who designed the project), aimed at finding a balance between natural lighting and summer comfort, they have decided to equip the superstore with around 15,000 sq.m. of Hexadome skylights for optimum overhead lighting and natural smoke ventilation in the building.

The skylights installed in the roof of the Leroy Merlin superstore provide widespread natural light throughout the building thanks to the 16-to-32-mm-thick polycarbonates equipping the skylights. These new-generation skylights are fitted with a thermal upstand and special thermal break seal to meet the new energy performance regulations.