Adexsi launches GENATIS


GENATIS, Efficient Technical Solutions for Smart Natural Energy Management


An Interdisciplinary Brand for Adaptive Solutions

With more than 850 employees in the World, 140 million Euros of turnover in 2019, 10 production sites and 17 maintenance and installation sites, ADEXSI Group is one of the major players in the fire safety, natural smoke ventilation, natural lighting and buildings’ smart natural energy management industries through its portfolio of companies Bluetek, Souchier-Boullet, and Tellier Brise-Soleil.

Two years after launching its buildings’ smart natural energy management, the Adexsi group confirmed its ambition with a dedicated brand, GENATIS – a global solution for managing natural energies in buildings.

Energy management is everyone’s concern, and an important current issue and this is the reason why the companies of Adexsi group developed the new GENATIS offer. Based on the specific competences of each company, GENATIS offers architects, engineers and the construction/renovation industry a global and an adaptable solution for the smart management of natural energies for buildings.


Genatis Concept Adexsi


A Global Solution for Economical and Sustainable Buildings

Philippe Fritzinger, ADEXSI Chief Operating Officer, says:

Buildings are designed and built to welcome occupants. Their comfort, life quality or their productivity are strongly linked to the atmosphere created. Quality criteria are well known: temperature, light, indoor air. We have designed GENATIS in order to bring building designers natural, sustainable, sturdy and versatile solutions that can be easily adapted and associated as well as economical, on both the investment and operation sides.

Due to the hyper technical systems out there in the market, GENATIS solutions for smart natural light and ventilation management offer the possibility to adapt intuitively to the operation of the main technical components of a building while improving the wellbeing of its occupants. Moreover, our solutions answer the French RT 2012 requirements: a bioclimatic design, the reduction of energy consumption and the management of the summer comfort indoor temperature.

GENATIS solutions offer lower investment, installation and operation costs: environment-friendly and economical buildings have become two complementary notions to reach companies and administrators’ performance goals” concludes ADEXSI’s COO.


A Booming Market

GENATIS a booming market


A team of Experts

To conquer new markets and introduce these solutions to building designers and architects, ADEXSI group rely on a strong technical and commercial organization:

  • A dedicated Marketing Department

  • A network of 5 Specifiers

  • A Design and Technical Department in each of the group’s company

  • A dedicated commercial network with 50+ sale managers

  • Technical experts in installation and maintenance of all GENATIS solutions

A New Test Laboratory

In 2021, ADEXSI group will start the construction of ADEXSI LAB, its new R&D tests laboratory on the Luynes site to support innovation and the development of new products, internal and external training, and on-site tests of all types of configurations and combinations GENATIS solutions offer.


GENATIS, Efficient Technical Solutions for Smart Natural Energy Management

To answer the numerous challenges of building energy renovation and the upcoming 2020 Environmental Regulation, the combination of GENATIS solutions for natural light, natural ventilation, adiabatic cooling systems, bioclimatic façades, sun-shading, destratification of the air – associated to its smart management, diagnostic and installation solutions, offer new perspectives to building designers and architects for sustainable and energy efficient constructions.

Adexsi a new test laboratory

Natural Light in Buildings

Productivity, focus, wellbeing, respect of the circadian rhythm, energy savings, etc. The assets of natural light are numerous. It is therefore essential to harness this free and endless resource for our buildings. The objective of the new European regulation EN 17037 on natural light in the buildings is to achieve 300 Lux – 50% of the time – on 95% of the surface. Natural light prevents seasonal depression, absenteeism, work injuries, etc. and favor sales in stores.The Skylight Becomes a Real Asset to Diffuse Natural Light.


Logo Genatis


Natural Ventilation

A low indoor air quality can have immediate or long-term consequences on health (asthma, eye/nose/throat irritation, headaches, etc.). In fact, indoor air is 4 to 10 times more polluted than outside air (even in big metropoles). GENATIS offer solutions for natural ventilation of the buildings, for the façade or the roof. Our solutions ensure the supply of fresh and healthy air. They also considerably reduce the impact on the environment and a significant reduction of energy expenses.


Adiabatic Cooling Systems

Thanks to this 100% natural concept, it is possible to cool down buildings in a very simple, economic and ecological way. Hot and dry air going through a wet exchanger cools down. The energy required to evaporate the water is coming from the air. The hotter the air, the more efficient the cooling down.

From independent equipment, on the façade or the roof, GENATIS solutions offer an answer to different volumes and expectations from buildings’ occupants with an initial investment divided by 3 compared to a traditional air conditioning system, an electricity consumption divided by 10, without no refrigerant fluid.


Bioclimatic Façades

The bioclimatic façade or double skin façade acts as a buffer between the inside and outside of the building and will bring some aesthetics and a large natural light supply to the large window surface of the building while bringing thermal and acoustic comfort. To filter the sun rays, insulate from the cold during winter and excessive heat during summer are the main objectives of the bioclimatic façade. Automating this system with smart windows makes it a very simple and reliable system to manage, no matter the season.


Sun-Shading Solutions

GENATIS sun-shading solutions will preserve the building from the sun and glaring effects, avoid buildings to overheat. On the roof or façade, GENATIS offer a large selection of aesthetic and efficient sun-shading solutions, fix or mobile.

Depending on the orientation, the glazed surface or the buildings’ challenges, we have multiple solutions. GENATIS sun-shading solutions can be easily integrated on the roof (blinds, fix or mobile sun-shading equipment in the skylights) or on the façade to answer all needs of the building.


Air Destratification

The destratification of the air offers energy savings by limiting the heat loss at the roof level. Lighter than cold air, hot air tends to go upwards. A difference of temperature is most often recorded between the ground level and the ceiling – sometimes up to 1°C per meter.

Through destratification, the air is gently moved around, the temperature is homogenized and warmed up naturally in occupied areas of the building.


Dedicated Services


Smart Management

Thanks to automated controls, every GENATIS smart energy management solution is remotely managed by administrators and can be associated for an optimal comfort. Therefore, it is possible to manage both the artificial lighting, sun-shading, ventilation, adiabatic cooling system or bioclimatic façade, etc.


Diagnostic and Installation

It is essential to understand a building’s pathologies to better apprehend the installation of an adapted solution. Thanks to its Design and Technical Department, GENATIS offer designers and architects an audit and diagnostic of the buildings, but also the installation of adapted solutions and the follow-up of their performance. GENATIS introduces a turnkey offer – including optimization study, installation, support and performance guarantee on all its solutions.