Adexsi Race 2018 : when firms run for the good cause


On 10, 20 km races and the marathon de Tours, you run by yourself, with family, friends...but also with coworkers!

Approximatively 200 firms participate each year to this event in Tours which brings people together and remind the significance of sports to have healthy employees.

Since last year, the Adexsi group – specialized in fire safety, smoke ventilation and buildings’ dynamic energy management systems – which headquarters are located in Luynes near Tours, joined the list of companies participating to the event with approximatively 60 employees on the starting line. A successful sporting event as well as a social and solidarity operation renewed in 2018 with an increase in the numbers of runners (65 registered and 35 supporters announced).

Adexsi group General Director Philippe Fritzinger, himself on the starting line for the 20km race and at the initiative of the group’s participation, is proud of the interest for the run within the employees. « We have more than 750 employees in 20 locations in France and I was looking for an event for people to meet each other other than during a work meeting, explains Philippe. I have been running for a few years, and during a race in Marseille-Cassis, I met people running for their firm with a real pleasure of gathering together.

"A moment of conviviality"

Philippe Fritzinger, General Director AdexsiThen we decided to participate the 10, 20 km races and the marathon de Tours with the objective to run for a charity. Last year, it was for « Zup de Co » and this year we will be running for « Lames de joie » which gives children who are amputees running blades (artificial limbs) so they can practice sports…»

Adexsi and other sponsors will donate an amount equivalent to the number of kilometers run by their employees. A moment of conviviality which motivates employees to start running just for the charity, some traveling some hundreds of kilometers to rally Tours and the event. « I am proud: people start running because they believe in the initiative, adds Philippe Fritzinger. And they not only come from the different locations we have in France, but also from our firms in Great-Britain and Germany. First of all, it is a moment of conviviality we want to share, with presentation of a jersey the day before the race and a lunch all together the Sunday, after the race. » 

This is a fine example of professional community mobilization.