Adiabatic cooling


With Gérard Gaget joining the team,

Adexsi is shoring up its position with regard to the harnessing of natural energy, and launching its adiabatic cooling business


On 1 September 2016, Adexsi – a leader in overhead lighting and natural smoke ventilation – bid a warm welcome to Gérard Gaget, a figure of authority in Europe when it comes to adiabatic cooling, to head up its adiabatic cooling business.


With more than twenty years' experience working in air-conditioning, Gérard Gaget is leaving behind his position as Chairman of Cooléa to share his expertise with Adexsi by developing its smart, natural or hybrid ventilation range – particularly via adiabatic cooling systems.


Philippe Fritzinger, Managing Director of the Adexsi group, had this to say: "We strongly believe in the development of these types of solution in the design of economically and environmentally friendly buildings. Over and above his sales and managerial skills, Gérard comes armed with extensive knowledge of the natural air-conditioning sector and will be able to continue expanding Cooléa's business whilst at Adexsi".


Adiabatic cooling, a low-cost air-conditioning solution

The principle behind adiabatic cooling is a physical one. The temperature is often cooler near water, and this phenomenon can be explained by the fact that the energy needed to evaporate water is extracted from hot air which cools as its calorific content falls. This natural principle means that the air cools as soon as its temperature rises. You also hear talk of air cooling by evaporation: natural air-conditioning. To reproduce the natural evaporation principle, a fan sends hot air through a water-saturated exchanger. Adiabatic equipment includes a fan, a water tank, a circulation pump and cellulose exchangers. A hygrostat can also be used to operate the equipment. The cooled air is then distributed via a suitable network, such as fabric ducts, diffusers or galvanised steel ducts.

Adiabatic cooling is used for a variety of facilities in the industrial and tertiary sectors. It is an ideal solution for sales outlets that need to provide comfortable indoor temperatures in the summer time, for example: sports halls, laundrettes, printing firms, garden centres, industrial premises, schools and storage premises, as well as such specialist sectors as data centres, computer labs and telecom premises.


 The benefits of adiabatic cooling:

- Considerable energy savings compared with traditional air-conditioning
- Much lower investment and installation costs
- Healthy, comfortable indoor air
- A limited carbon footprint
- Low maintenance


New complementary business that is entirely compatible for Adexsi's subsidiaries Souchier-Boullet and SIA

"Souchier-Boullet", which has been specialising in smart natural ventilation for the past ten years, is expanding its field of expertise by now manufacturing and marketing adiabatic cooling products as a secondary line of business. Manufacture of the products will get under way in October on Souchier's production site in Héricourt.

SIA, a company specialising in the installation and maintenance of fire safety and smoke ventilation systems, will be bringing its expertise to bear in the adiabatic cooling business by commissioning products and servicing and monitoring installations.