All about Bluetek


1 / What's new in the Bluetek range ?

Bluetek now offers the largest and most complete range of skylights and NSHEV :

  • No major technical changes

  • NSHEV and skylights for all types of roofs, all types of opening/closing energy and all functions

  • A large range of infill, thermal insulation and complementary functions

Bluetek skylight for comfort and natural smoke extraction have been developed with the best of the products from SIH, Hexadome and Sodilight. Here you can find our solutions guide with products synoptics to discover the complete range.

For the customers of Hexadome skylight, it is important to know that the commercial reference of Bluetek products will now be the roof throat.

Adexsi Bluetek all about the society

Dimension lumière -> Light dimensions

Trémie haute -> Upper throat

Biaise -> oblique

Droite -> straight

Dimension commercial -> commercial dimensions

Trémie toiture -> roof throat

For double flaps (DV), effective heights for clients and gutter height are :

Adexsi Bluetek all about us

Air flow ranges are composed of :

Gammes aérauliques -> air flow ranges

Standard -> standard 

Costière biaise -> oblique upstand

Max -> max

Costière biaise avec 2 spoilers -> oblique upstand with 2 spoilers

Costière droite -> straight upstand

Costière biaise avec 2 pare-vents fixes -> oblique upstand with 2 wind-breakers

Costière biaise + gaine avec 2 pare-vents fixes -> oblique upstand + sheath with 2 wind-breakers

Costière biaise + gaine avec éventails -> oblique upstand + sheath with 4 foldaway windshields


2 / How can I find my former Hexadome/SIH

products references ?

The range index on our website home page should be of assistance so you can find the equivalent of your old Hexadome/SIH references within the new Bluetek ranges.

Generally, Bluetek ranges are sorted into 3 types of roofing or finishing :

Steel : waterproofed roofs

Coif : skylights for renovation or norms’ compliance

Bac : skylights for dry or sandwich roofs


3 / I have been ordering skylights with a specific Aa and URC. How can I find them back ?

You need to find Aa and URC settings you were ordering previously to SIH or Hexadome? You can now consult the performance certifications of all our products and report yourself to our commercial documentation. Do not hesitate to directly contact our customers service +33 (0)2 47 55 37 00 who will assist you.


4 / Where can I consult Bluetek documentation ?

You can download our complete catalogue here.


5 / Who is Bluetek ?

Bluetek was born from the expertise of SIH, Sodilight and Hexadome, all major companies in natural lighting and smoke extraction solutions. Today, Bluetek offers a global vision for the wellness and the security for all types of buildings.

With 4 production sites spread on the whole French territory, and focusing on innovation, Bluetek bases it development on global solutions to comply with the most strict and challenging norms and certifications: RT 2012, HQE, BBC, BEPOS, Passivhaus. Bluetek is part of the Adexsi group, and its natural lighting and smoke extraction division.

What are Bluetek strengths :

  • The largest commercial network with proximity

  • The largest skylight and NSHEV offer

  • Acoustic, thermal, solar efficient solutions that can be prescribes up-front work

  • Complementary ranges (glass infill ranges, light tubes, skylights…) at your disposal without changing your commercial point of contact

  • Product managers to offer you a better technical service and support

  • 4 production sites that are located close to each other and specialized on complementary products

  • Commercial, technical support services dedicated to your category of activity and region

  • With Adexsi, you benefit from the expertise of a whole group who has an international vision and gather all fire safety industry


Bluetek is a French SAS

Headquarters address:

Zone industrielle Nord Les Pins

37 230 LUYNES

RCS TOURS 819 209 511

SIRET: 819 209 511 00016

FR 73819209511


Bluetek organization :

4 sites of production: Hexadome, located in Ambert (63) and Luynes (37), SIH located in Sarralbe (57) and Sodilight located in Gevrey-Chambertin (21) still keep their activity of industrialization, manufacturing and distribution centers.

Bluetek, the new entity, integrates the commercial networks and R&D departments of each company and will be dedicated to the commercialization and development of the current and upcoming ranges of products.

Therefore, Bluetek is creating a unique commercial network.


6 / What is Bluetek expertise ?

  •  Bluetek is offering the largest offer of NSHEV (Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilator) for all types of buildings, roofs or finishing. Standard dimensions of Bluetek NSHEV are from 80 x 80 cm to 2 x 3 m. Bluetek can then answer to any need regarding natural smoke extraction while guaranteeing an excellent thermal insulation through its RPT range.

  • Natural lighting is placed at the center of Bluetek concept, our solutions (such as skylights) contributing to enhance its diffusion. An optimal use of this natural resource gives many advantages like bringing wellness to people, which has been proven by many studies, while diminishing the energy consumption of artificial lighting systems.

  • Bluetek solutions: Lightube natural lighting tubes, « Inside » glass range.
  • The necessity of reduce or stop the noise pollution, either from the inside (machines in an industrial building) nor the exterior (weather) of the building are essential as they can be the cause of major pollution whether in the private or professional spheres (stress, fatigue, deafness…with possible major consequences on people’s health).

  • Bluetek solutions: Pearl Inside©, Phoni Inside range
  • Bluetek solutions can be an asset for natural ventilation of the buildings but also a solution to face the temperature rising inside them. Depending on the needs or periods of ventilation, the main functions of natural ventilation are Free-Cooling (natural ventilation during the day with fresher air from the outside) and Night-Cooling (refresh the building during the night).

  • Bluetek solutions: All Bluetek « Air » skylights
  • It is impossible to dissociate the lighting ability of the light to its heating ability. Or that the use if ill-adapted protection against the sun risks to deteriorate the lighting abilities of a skylight. This is why fix sun protection solutions exist to stop the sun rays and offer a compromise between lighting efficiency and protection; and mobile sun protection systems which automatically or manually enable you to adjust the lighting levels.

Bluetek solutions : Screen-Dome, Brise-Soleil Lumineux BSL, Calor Control ; Sunlite Control, electrochromic SageGlass© glass


7 / Who is Adexsi ?

Since 2001, Adexsi has become one of the main companies in the World for natural lighting and smoke extraction, and energy efficiency management for any kind of buildings, facade or roofing.

Adexsi is a group composed of the following companies :


Souchier Boullet



Adexsi is now present in 3 countries: United Kingdom, China, Morocco

Accountings :

For any issue related to invoicing, you can contact directly

All orders passed until June 30th 2016 will be managed by Hexadome, SIH or Sodilight.

They will be delivered under these commercial brands and invoiced by Hexadome, SIH or Sodilight for all order to be delivered before June 30th 2016 and by Bluetek for the orders to be delivered from July 1st 2016.

From July 1st 2016, all payments are to be send to:

BLUETEK – Accountings department

Le Haras - 57430 Sarralbe - France

Customers’ accountings contact : - +33 (0)3 87 97 75 18