The future has begun


"Because buildings of tomorrow are designed today"

In France, the buildings account for almost 45% of the energy consumption and 25 % of greenhouse gas emissions of the country, Adexsi – fire safety and natural smoke extraction division of the Soprema group – establishes itself as a vector of sustainable solutions through its great involvement in energy efficiency and management.

Promoting the Guide of Solutions to Build Sustainable, we all should be responsible for our environment evolution. It is question of designing energy efficient building, enhance our heritage, change our habits to design the architecture of tomorrow or the way to renovate.

Going beyond the Guide of Solutions to Build Sustainable, this video introduces to us solutions and their benefits, classified by environmentally-friendly subjects.

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Vidéo Soprema Le Futur a commencé sur site Adexsi présentation du guide des solutions pour bâtiments responsables