Work Life Quality & Natural Light quality feedback at K-LINE manufacturing center


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An advertorial by Bluetek.

Beyond the sanitary contingency of today, the last summers have generated a lot of important projects for the groupe Briand and Bluetek, subsidiary of Adexsi. For example, the refresh of the Prima manufacturing site, historical site of K-LINE (Groupe Liébot), European leader in aluminum carpentry located in French Vendée region.


Origins of the natural light project.

In the past, K-LINE has already been working with Bluetek; they have already partnered with the groupe Briand few years ago on the industrial center Plaine de l’Ain in Saint Vulbas. Based on previous experience with a well-organized and efficient collaboration between both companies and satisfied with the previous results, K-LINE naturally wanted to partner once again with Bluetek.


K-LINE and Bluetek skylights natural light

K-LINE and Bluetek skylights natural light

Old continuous skylights with polyester infill before renovation.


Starting point: one work life quality work group.

Like many other companies, K-LINE has started a think tank about Work Life Quality. One work group has been then studying the well-being at work and its relation to natural light inside the buildings. The proposal has been completed - and validated - with brise-soleils to suppress the greenhouse effect through a sunray protection dissociated from the windows. It would improve working conditions of the employees of the Vendée plant by bringing in more light.


Advertorial Bluetek Adexsi

Advertorial Bluetek Adexsi

Old continuous skylights with polyester infill before renovation.


Supply and timeline.

64 old polyester vaults have been removed and replaced by Bluetek installation staff. Work has been taking place during the summer closure of the plant, during the 3 first weeks of August. The delivery of the devices has been split in order to avoid stocking them up and have them ready for installation. The brise-soleils have been installed over September 2020. Overall, the groupe Briand was very satisfied with the service.


BLUEVOÛTE THERM and VOILE-DÔME: the guarantee for good work conditions and comfort.

The 64 Bluevoûte have been installed with wall plates and 1,200 joules grids. They are equipped with a lateral or longitudinal brise-soleil type Voile-Dôme. One of the vaults is also equipped with 2 pneumatic opening frames type Exuvoile. The roof of the building has now become a main source of natural light and offer favorable work conditions and comfort, and limit the summer overheat and the use of artificial light. And now, the plant can make energy savings all year long.


Bluetek skylights for natural light

Bluetek skylights for natural light

Continuous vaults with PCA infill and brise-soleils after renovation.


Light study post installation


On this 23,770 m2 building (9,690 m height), we installed:

  • East area: 18 Bluevoûte dimensions 2,1 X 7,89 m + longitudinal Voile-Dôme
  • West area: 45 Bluevoûte dimensions 2,095 X 10,54 m + longitudinal Voile-Dôme
  • Small area: 1 Bluevoûte dimensions 2,154 x 10,46 m + lateral Voile-Dôme


The vaults are equipped with a clear 16 mm honeycomb PCA infill - 33% light transmittance / 0.12 Solar Factor. All façade windows have a 70% global light transmittance.


K-LINE : implementation of the vaults

Implementation of the vaults


The zenithal light or façade lighting installation has been well designed and reached a natural light autonomy above 50% for 300 lux between 8 am and 6 pm, with a global homogeneous distribution. The average 2.8% daylight factor is met for all areas for 60% and more natural light autonomy.


Archiwizard Simulation

Archiwizard Simulation

  • ​Project Owner : K-LINE / Les Herbiers (FR-85)

Contact : Marc Cotillon / Maintenance and Work Manager

  • Operations : Briand / Les Herbiers (FR-85)

Contacts : Cédric Girardeau / Operations Manager - Guerric Bruandet / Operations Director

  • Skylights' supply : Bluetek - Luynes (FR-37)

Contacts : Ludovic Berthonneau / Regional Sales Manager Bluetek

Daniele Mariotti / Research & Innovation Engineer

  • Installation : Bluetek Operations Department - Ambert (FR-63)

Contacts : Danièle Boyer / Operations Manager  - Marie Compte / Operations Commercial Associate - Daniel Marel / Installation Manager - Yannick Beal / Installer


Advertorial Contact : Katia Schlich / Communication & Social Media Manager /

(Photo credit Bluetek)


Additional photos

Bluetek skylights for natural light

Bluetek skylights for natural light

Bluetek skylights for natural light

Bluetek skylights for natural light

Bluetek skylights for natural light