Altra-Air Sailfin of Genatis : A solution about de-stratification


Altra-Air Sailfin of Genatis : A new solution about de-stratification

Genatis brand, newly created by Adexsi to respond to Natural Energy Management Systems’ tremendous challenge, proposes a brand new solution for de-stratification in all kind of sectors : industries, agriculture,for high buildings… With a large capacity of air movements.

What's air de-stratification ?

Air stratification is one of the main cause of heat losses in buildings. The air is stratified from the warmest to the coldest, and as the warm air is lighter, rises, while the cold air stays close to the ground. Based on this natural principle, Adexsi’s new ceiling fan blows the air counter-clockwise, it simply moves the warm air to the floor.

Sailfin Altra-Air ventilation system allows to homogenize the temperature and eliminates the coldest zones. Silent and operating with reduced maintenance costs, it can easily be installed or even moved, depending on the premises. This device exists in several standard diameters, from 2.4 to 7.3 meters, and thus can be adapted to several building configurations.

Primarily intended for industry, agricultural sector and logistics, air de-stratification systems, with a minimum height of 4 meters for the installation of appliances, can also be set up in public places: sport halls, train stations, shopping centers.... 


Genatis Adexsi de stratification



De-stratification brings several advantages to the owner (final client), thanks to an uniform and continuous ventilation for ambient air, reduced energy consumption, improved comfort and productivity, a comfortable humidity and a better quality of indoor air.



Our added value

At Adexsi, we are open to new perspectives. Our unique structure enable us to offer the largest range of smoke control, daily ventilation and natural lighting products worldwide. Contracting with Adexsi means contracting with historical manufacturing companies like Bluetek, Essertec and Souchier/Boullet who have the ability to respond to any smoke control or ventilation issues on your buildings : residential, public, schools, hospitals, airports, industrial or commercial.

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