Ø 75 Lightube Spot : a Bluetek innovation


Ø 75 Lightube Spot Ø : a Bluetek innovation

In october 2018, it’s on the occasion of Artibat exhibition that Bluetek, subsidiary of Adexsi, introduced his new natural tubular daylighting device: Ø 75 Lightube Spot.

This innovation in the roofing field brings new solutions in energetic efficiency for the larger buildings, like establishments servicing the public, storage areas and industrial buildings.

Our added value

At Adexsi, we are open to new perspectives. Our unique structure enable us to offer the largest range of smoke control, daily ventilation and natural lighting products worldwide. Contracting with Adexsi means contracting with historical manufacturing companies like Bluetek, Essertec and Souchier/Boullet who have the ability to respond to any smoke control or ventilation issues on your buildings : residential, public, schools, hospitals, airports, industrial or commercial.

  • Why choose us

    A unique structure to answer multiple issues in smoke control & ventilation.

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  • A network of experts

    Our manufacturing subsidiaries offer the largest portfolio worldwide.

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  • Energy Management

    Through natural ventilation, natural lighting, intelligent shading.

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