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Natural Light
Our light tube systems guarantee a consistent natural light input while preventing the over-heating effects and adapt to all types of roofs: waterproof, dry or renovation project. While artificial lighting systems represent a growing part of our energy consumptions, we put natural light at the center of our project.
The smart management for natural ventilation, artificial lighting and shading systems will enable you to optimize the comfort of the people and reduce the energy consumption/costs.
Ventilation and Cooling Systems
A simple and 100% natural concept: when warm air comes into contact with water, it provokes a transfer of calories and therefore cools down. To reproduce this natural concept, we use a fan ventilating the air through a humid exchanger. While fresh air is ventilated through the building, it provokes the evacuation of warm air.
Thermal Destratification
The concept is simple: warm air goes up and cool air goes down. Our solutions for thermal destratification enable to unify the room temperature and naturally warm up the room.
Thermal Insulation
Our range of skylights or NSHEV comply with the thermal insulation requirements of buildings (industrial, warehouses or commercial, residential) and enable you to reduce the building’s energy consumption. It is a real asset for environmentally-friendly projects.
Shading Systems
We offer numerous solutions for sun protection. For façade or roofs, our range of brise-soleil optimize visual and thermal comfort for the interior of a building.