Souchier - Boullet - Genatis

The seamless integration of architectural smart solutions.

Historic leader of natural smoke extraction and energy management, and of compartmentation and smoke barriers, Souchier and Boullet merged in 2016. The new company offers Adexsi a large range of innovative solutions to optimize security, automation and natural energy management in buildings while answering all requirements for regulations, architectural specificities and environmental issues. In 2018, Souchier-Boullet creates the brand Genatis for its energy management offer. Souchier-Boullet expertise is now regrouped under the brands Souchier, Boullet and Genatis.


Our solutions


Associated solutions :

  • Natural light
  • Folding wind barriers
  • Architectural natural smoke extraction and soundproofing solutions
  • VEC structural glazing
  • Louvered NSHEV
  • Façade smoke extraction solutions
  • Smart Natural Ventilation (VNI®)
  • Smoke Barriers & Compartmentation
  • Smart Shading Solutions (SOI®)
  • Smart bioclimatic Façade (FCI®)

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