Building, innovating, supporting, advising, protecting... Bluetek's priorities!

Today, Bluetek offers a unique vision of natural well-being and safety, for all types of buildings. With 4 production sites spread throughout the territory, resolutely focused on innovation, Bluetek focuses its development on complete solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding standards and certifications: RE 2020, HQE, BC, BEPOS, Passivhaus .

In order to complete its range of glass products, Bluetek offers devices manufactured by Essertec (subsidiary of the Soprema group).

+ de 100 000 devices produced per year
+ de 400 employees spread over 4 production sites
+ 300 000m² of natural light sold per year
12 people in innovation and research & development
24 sales representatives at your service in the field divided into 3 networks: prescribers, integrators and distributors
3 areas of expertise Smoke extraction and control, facade cladding & energy performance management
6 business experts to assist you
1 export network with an international presence

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