Natural light 

We placed natural light at the heart of our thinking, so the skylight becomes a major asset in diffusing natural light in the buildings and revert the growing part of energy consumption through artificial lighting. 

The « Sun factor » (FLJ) translates the lighting requirement when we speak about natural light. Its value quantifies the natural light inputs within a building and is the most used indicator in environmental quality processes.

Six essential points


Natural light will optimize the hormonal production for an enhanced focus, humor, attention, learning and sleep. On the opposite, the lack of light has a negative impact on our biological clock and the circadian cycle, causing depression, insomnia, digestive issues, mood swings, stress, etc. Natural light = health and wellbeing.

Savings and Eco-friendly

Installing skylights reduce the artificial lighting time of use by 30 to 50%. Optimizing lighting will result in energy savings and reduces the energy footprint of the building. 

More natural light = less electricity consumption. 


Natural light will highlight the buildings’ volumes, its design and architecture. It is part of the setting and participate to the occupants’ visual and physiological wellbeing.


Natural light favor learning and productivity while reducing absenteeism (at school and work). 

Several studies show the positive effect in increasing sales in commercial spaces with natural lighting compared to environments without natural light. 


Natural light improves focus and difficult task operations while limiting fatigue, one of the first cause of work accidents. Based on a German study, 50% of work accidents could be prevented if providing 2,000 lux instead of 500 lux on precision workstations. 

How to bring natural light in buildings ?

A large range of products to improve natural lighting in the buildings, on the façade or the roof, is available at Genatis. They also can reduce the rain sound impact. 

Solutions for the façade:  

  • Bay windows, 

  • vents, 

  • windows. 


Glazing plays a main role in answering challenges linked to natural lighting.  

Zenithal solutions:  

  • glass roof,  

  • skylights, 

  • vaults, 

  • light tubes.  


They answer to other challenges like architectural integration, light input in blind spots, etc. 

Our strengths, your advantages

Case study - Guy Cotten factory, Tregunc (29)


The yellow oilskin manufacturer Guy Cotten wanted to integrate natural light in its building. The goal was to improve the visual comfort of the sewing and cutting workstations for the employees. 


Global solution for natural lighting

  • New photovoltaic layout
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Results & advantages

  • FLJ median = 2,8%
  • FLJ > 1,5% for 90 to 95% of the surface
  • Quantity of light*: according to requirements
  • Best work conditions (comfort, safety, and concentration)
  • Energy consumption reduction