Ventilation in buildings is essential today. Genatis offers a natural solution that renews the air in premises via a supply of fresh, healthy air, which reduces the impact on the environment and significantly lowers energy costs.


Five essential points


We spend, in average, 80% of our time inside a building. And the air inside is 4 to 10 times more polluted than it is outside. It is therefore essential to ventilate the building to reduce the spread or the outbreak of virus and allergens (causing respiratory diseases).


Natural ventilation helps reduce the room humidity thanks to bringing in fresh clean air, and it also prevents the building’s structure from degradation. Finally, it helps promote comfort and well-being of the building’s occupants. 

Economical and Ecological

Natural ventilation creates a slight breeze for the building’s occupants, reducing the need for energy-intensive air conditioning systems. As a natural concept with renewable energy source, it will reduce the energy bill thus resulting in steady savings.


Natural ventilation systems operate quietly whereas traditional air conditioning systems can be pretty noisy (fans, air conditioning, etc.).

How to integrate natural ventilation in buildings ?

To install a natural ventilation system, you need to consider existing vents and openings as well as the structure inside the building to optimize the air flow and ensure its renewal. 

Whether on the roof (skylights, glass roof, etc.) or on the façade (windows, grids, etc.), there are multiple solutions available to enhance natural ventilation performance.  

Our strengths, your advantages

Case study - Soprema Entreprises, Poitiers (86)


The project’s study highlighted an area of the building with a high energy consumption issue due to the mechanical ventilation system. 

The goal was to switch from a mechanical ventilation system to a natural ventilation system, more energy efficient and more economical. 


Simulation for 12 skylights

Ventilation phenomenon in the building considering the inlets and openings (sectional doors, skylights).


Results & advantages

  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Better work conditions (comfort)
  • Air renewal (health)