Perfectly controlled integration, combining the intelligence of smoke extraction equipment and the aesthetics of architectural buildings.

Founded in 1930 and based in Collegien (77), Souchier-Boullet brings together a wide range of innovative solutions to optimize safety, automation and natural energy management in all types of buildings. It meets specific criteria in terms of standards, environments and architectures.


Souchier-Boullet brings together 3 commercial brands: Souchier, Boullet and Genatis.

Souchier is the specialist in innovative natural smoke extraction systems on facades and roofs, air intakes, blocking screens and control equipment,

Boullet is an expert in invisible and mobile compartmentalization solutions, glass walls and fire doors, textile or metal curtains and hinged or sliding fire doors

Genatis is a brand offering global solutions for natural energy management.

160 collaborators at your disposal to support your projects
18 000 m2 of production area
8 people in research & development
2 production sites
3 trademarks Souchier (architectural smoke extraction), Boullet (compartmentation), Genatis (energy management solutions)
20 sales representatives present on the ground at your service
30 M€ turnover
2014 joins the Adexsi group

Souchier-Boullet solutions

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