The network of experts in fire safety and buildings’ smart energy management systems.

With a unique structure composed of French renowned industrials, Adexsi subsidiaries offer the largest range of natural smoke extraction and smart energy management solutions in the World. 

Adexsi brings together the leaders in fire safety and smart energy management systems: Bluetek, Souchier-Boullet, and Tellier Brise-Soleil. 

Reunited in a multi-skilled expert network (project design, performance simulations, installation, and compliance) our companies guarantee the support you need for your build or renovation projects. 


In 2000, Soprema, the World’s leader for waterproofing solution has created Adexsi as its fire safety and natural smoke extraction hub by integrating Hexadome (historic operator in the NHSEV manufacturing) and Langethermo (thermoforming specialist). 

In 2003, by acquiring Souchier (architectural smoke extraction solutions specialist), Adexsi expand its offer to buildings listed historical monuments and tailored-made smoke extraction systems. 

Since 2008, Adexsi continuously expand its presence internationally opening subsidiaries in Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, China, and Morocco. 

In 2014, Boullet (French oldest manufacturer of fire-resistant doors and compartmentation solutions) joins the Adexsi group to complete a large range of solutions with systems for fire safety inside the. 

In 2015, Adexsi revamps its branding and chose a new slogan to « opening new perspectives », showing its ambition to gain recognition in the smart energy management systems industry. 

The same year Essertec, major German skylight manufacturer joins the Adexsi group, and later directly the Soprema group (in 2020). 

In July 2015, the HISL group composed of the companies SIH, Sodilight, Innovation Partners, SIH Services, SIH Morocco and SIH Lumina, specialists of natural light and smoke extraction with more than 50 years’ experience joins the Adexsi group.

In 2016, Adexsi reorganizes its portfolio of activity by creating Bluetek, merging the HISL group with Hexadome and creating Souchier-Boullet with the merger of Souchier and Boullet. 

In 2018, Tellier Brise-Soleil, French leader of brise-soleil, façade cladding, and shutters joins the Adexsi group to enhance the portfolio of solutions the group already offers. 

// Our missions

  • Harness natural elements. 

  • Regroup and optimize our services and products to offer new perspectives. 

  • Participate to the projects’ designs with specifiers to integrate our eco-friendly solutions and promote international standards. 

  • Offer our clients added value through innovation and personalized solutions. 

  • Make a priority of your comfort and safety.

// Adexsi is composed of:

  • 3 companies - leaders in their niche market: Bluetek, Souchier-Boullet, and Tellier Brise-Soleil. 

  • 8 production sites. 

  • 6 subsidiaries Worldwide: Portugal, Morocco, United Kingdom, China, Romania, South America. 

  • 650 employees Worldwide. 

  • Present in +40 countries.