Innovation for your wellbeing

The subsidiaries of the Adexsi group combined their competences and strengths under the Genatis brand to offer a global range of complimentary solutions for energy management in the buildings. When combining our expertise and our solutions, you will maximize the comfort in your buildings.

1. Natural light

Harnessing natural light within our building is now a major objective. As a free, natural, and renewable resource, it has numerous benefits: wellbeing, productivity, circadian circle respect, energy savings, focus, etc. 

The European standard EN 17037 on natural light in building, recommend: 300 LUX - 50 % of time - on 90 % of the surface. 

Studies show natural light helps preventing work accidents, seasonal depression, absenteeism, and increase sales in commercial areas. 

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2. Fix sun-shading

Genatis sun-shading solutions prevent the building from overheating and help manage the sun factor. On a façade or on a roof, our large range of design solutions will enable you to benefit from the natural light benefits without the inconvenient.

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3. Mobile sun-shading

According to your preference, you can manually or automatically adjust the lighting in your building.

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4. Adiabatic cooling system

How can we simply and ecologically cool down the buildings? Thanks to an adiabatic cooling system, concept 100% natural, which will reproduce the phenomenon observed close to watering holes where the temperature is fresher during summer. Warm and dry air will go through a wet exchanger to provoke the water evaporation through its energy, and then cool down. The warmer and drier the air, the more efficient the solution is.

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5. Diagnosis and installation

Genatis carries out audits and diagnoses of your buildings to define its profile/pathology and offer you suitable solutions. Our services go beyond with installation and monitoring of our solutions and their performance once operational. 

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6. Bioclimatic façade

With the bioclimatic façade, we aim at preserving the light and aesthetics of large, glazed windows surfaces while offering acoustic and thermal comfort. This « double skin » façade acts like a buffer between the inside and outside of the building. The main goals for the bioclimatic façade are to filter the sun rays, isolate from excessive heat in summer and cold in winter. A simple and reliable automation of this system is possible through smart controls.

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7. Natural ventilation

The air inside a building is 4 to 10 times more polluted than outside (even in major cities). Therefore, it has immediate consequences on your health, or in the long run (asthma, eyes/nose/throat irritation, migraines...). The solution to prevent bad air quality is to regularly ventilate the rooms. Natural ventilation will also help cooling down the building during summer.

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8. Automation

Each solution from Genatis (sun-shading, ventilation, adiabatic cooling systems, artificial lighting dimming, or bioclimatic façade...) can be automated, individually or as part of a group, thanks to smart controls. Configurate your needs to automate your setup. 

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9. Destratification of the air

A difference of temperature can be felt between the ground level and the ceiling – up to 1°C per meter. Warm air, lighter than cold air, will go up towards the ceiling.  

Destratification of the air will slowly move the air around to homogenize the temperature and naturally reheat the building. This solution limits the heat loss around the roof and save energy.


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