Covid-19: restart of Adexsi activities


Covid-19: restart of Adexsi activities


Adexsi and its subsidiaries

Working together towards a constructive direction

We hope you and your close ones are well.

From our side, and in this particular context of recovery following the vagaries of covid-19, we are pleased  to inform you that the Adexsi Group, via all of its subsidiaries, is fully operational again.

During the lockdown, we hope that the hotlines set up with the different entities were able to answer to the different problems you may have encountered. We remind you that in the context of projects and studies, as well as for all requests for information, our different teams are always able to meet your expectations. We also hope that our new Genatis brand will be a springboard for a common future linked to  Natural Energy Management.

Your usual contacts with our subsidiaries are once again on the field (respecting all rules needed for social distancing) and they all remain available for all your request.


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French specialist in skylights for fire safety

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Architectural smoke extraction, compartmentation, energy management

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Solar shading, cladding, ventilation grid & shutters


Better energy management is everyone's business.