Energy management : Adexsi publishes his first white paper


Natural Light // Shading // Ventilation // Air quality // Natural cooling

Answering the new challenges for ecological and healthy transition, in order to promote building’s energy efficiency, and aiming at reducing gas emissions over life cycle of the structure and the deployment of renewable energies, Adexsi launches its first white paper for energy management.

This new tool deals with transmitting to construction's actors new thought levers and answers, favoring a new kind of approach in their projects’ elaboration, from studies to building’s construction.

Along with the future 2020 Environmental Regulation (RE2020), and the repository prefiguration

"Positive energy and carbon reduction (E+C-)", this white paper allows his reader to expand his knowledge and enhances his possibilities, in an ethical and environmental respect. These highlighted solutions are fully natural and respond to simple foundations concerning energy efficiency and building management as a whole.

Beyond natural light concepts, shading, ventilation, air quality and cooling systems, within this 20 pages’ edition, composed of 4 parts, you will find :

1. Essential notions about comfort,

2. Natural comfort management solutions,

3. Free contributions to rediscover,

4. A wide range of solutions to take full advantage of our equipment (control and drive systems, monitoring, etc….).

Energy solutions are the heart of our process. Adexsi expert teams are also working to meet these new challenges. We’re all building our future.

Energy Management Adexsi